Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer holidays

The first week of the summer holidays. Many trips to the lakes and the outdoor pools are imminent. As many playdates as possible too. Hopefully, a couple of camping trips and picnics will be arranged. We're all sleeping downstairs in one room, as it's too hot upstairs with the teeny windows and no air-con. So, it does feel like we're camping out a little. Sam loves it and getting the children to bed is 90% easier!

The tomatoes are ready and the peas have been eaten. Sam eats the peas like sweets. He says they're bonbons from the garden. The only green vegetable he will entertain.

Happy 4th July to my lovely friends in the United States :))))


  1. Happy summer holidays!! Sounds like good memories ahead. Love the bonbons from the garden :) I hope Sams eye is getting better xx

  2. Such fun adventures being had.
    Can I add that I love that picture of your little ones feet ... just gorgeous!!

  3. beautiful! your summer looks more my speed unlike the crowds that converge on the beaches here.

    thank you for the 4th wishes!

    poor sam, his eye! i hope it's not bothering him.

  4. Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time Andrea!
    These photographs show that perfectly too!
    Loving those little feet!! :-)

  5. Sam looks so big and grown up!

  6. Looks and sounds lovely xx

  7. sam is such a cute little bruiser with his eye booboo and black leather belt. and i just looove bella's little dress in that first picture. her little foot is precious too. : )


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