Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bye bye August

August was a good month - the last 4 weeks of the school holidays. We saw Beya (as she has started to call herself) walking more and more and Sam patiently teaching her. And Sam is quite the pro on his super sporty scooter. We haven't done a lot these holidays with Scott working non-stop but it's been nice and relaxing spending the holidays at home seeing friends and family. 

p.s the wood added to the bottom of the barn door was put there to stop Bella from crawling into the workshop to see Scott :)


  1. happy september to you & your gorgeous family.
    enjoy the giggles Andrea ♥

  2. How gorgeous are they ... You must be very proud of your little ones!!

  3. Oh yeah Bella for doing lots of walking:) Very sweet snaps of your little ones Andrea. And your strawberry garden looks so healthy. I think when they fruit you'll have lots to eat. Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  4. Missing you all loads already :( xxx

  5. oh sad auntie :( it's such a good thing you provide plenty of adorable photos!! these two just keep getting cuter!
    happy weekend andrea and babies!


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