Friday, September 23, 2011

At home

the ultimate photobooth photos....glamourous grannies (my nan and great nan)

At home this week. Sam back at school and my little shadow following me around the house. We lit the fire for the first time in the evenings. It's getting a little chilly. I've been painting the beams, trying to lighten the room and finally making items for my shop using the many offcuts of oak Scott throws out.

We're off to the doctors now. Bella needs two jabs - double ouch!


  1. Hello Andrea!

    Je suis tombée sur ton blog grâce à Pinjacolada. Tes photos sont superbes!

    Tu es la bienvenue si tu veux me rendre visite:

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the peeks into your home - the red, the green stove - beautiful! And your little girl looks so sweet in her apple top.

  3. your home feels like anthropolgie to me, it's so so cool. love LOVE that green stove, and always baby bella. andrea i think she gets cuter each photo you take. love the self portrait too, we had the same idea. :)

    p.s. how clever are those wood blocks?!

  4. Hi Andrea! I love the photo of your grannies! are authentic!

  5. i love your fireplace and the red bricks. oh i would love to light a fire. i really think i'm done with tropics after this year...

  6. Hope Bella was ok after her needles.
    Love the little look into your house!!

  7. You have such a lovely home - Hope Sam is enjoying school and that Bella's needles went well.

  8. I love the fireplace... and what you've done with those offcuts! much to catch up on here. Sorry I've not stopped by in a few days

  9. your place looks so charming and cozy! such lovely colors... those photobooth pics are rad!


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