Monday, September 26, 2011

This weekend

This weekend we did a 10 mile bike ride to the bar in the next village. Admittedly, we did eat steak and chips there and later a meal at my mum and step-dads but it felt great to do some exercise. I only got off the bike once to walk up a hill. Sam was very concerned when I complained that my legs were burning!

The chestnut tree outside our front door is dropping many conkers and leaves. We weren't much help (Sam and Bella squabbling over brushes and rakes), but the job is done for another few days when it will be exactly the same again.


  1. wow- look at those leaves- I guess I'll have to enjoy fall through your eyes-

  2. Looks heavenly! Nothing beats an autumnal bike ride and pub lunch x

  3. i love that last picture! you have such beautiful foliage around you. i want to live where you do.

  4. I need to do some exercise too not sure I could ride as far as you did but I imagine the beautiful scenery made it a lovely ride and the having something yummy to eat at the end too. Have a wonderful week Andrea. xo


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