Monday, September 12, 2011

The grandparents came.....

..and brought wall stickers. Oh, what fun! They stuck, unstuck, stuck to the walls, clothes, floor, speakers and tv screen - though Scott drew the line at the last two.

Bella has developed a new level of bossiness since walking. She's usually shouting something at me in babble speak whilst stomping out the of the room. You can't help but laugh at her serious little face whilst trying to tackle walking round corners. The funny thing is - we have no idea what she is saying but Sam answers her like she's speaking normally. Maybe he remembers baby language?

p.s. I treated myself to a print from Kerry's and some postcards. They are amazing and really brighten up the room.


  1. hee hee bella. why is everything always so artistic and cool at your house? i love the art (well, the stickers, not so much, ha!)

  2. i forgot to say i like the new look of your blog, the page loaded so fast this morning, must be the changes (i have terribly slow internet, we are not in a good area for faster speed!)

  3. Ah, nice to see them on the wall. I like your display lots :)

  4. Andrea, that second photograph of Sam...suddenly he looks like he has grown so much! Loving the sticker fun!

    I also have to smile when you talk about Sam understanding Bella. When my 2 nieces were young, they somehow developed a language that only they could understand. This started when they were toddlers, and lasted right up until they were about 10 or 11 years old. To this very day, they will still speak to each other in this "language" from time to time. I think it is unusually beautiful, and truly says so much about siblings.

  5. ooooh isn't it the best when the grandparents come bearing awesome gifts!

    I'm loving your idea of wall art, too! Kerry's prints are unreal! x

  6. Trying to catch up on my favorite blogs. Love the pic of Grandma and Bella together. Such a beautiful moment.

    School looks like it's off to a great start. Hope it's a wonderful year.

    And those carrots look great! We have only managed to grow carrots stumps. They never get big enough to be worth anything. :( Maybe I need to move to France to grow a decent carrot?

  7. May I just say I love Bella's outfit Stripes and hearts, dark and bright! :)

    Looks like really fun moments.


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