Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shoes, coffee and books

I bought Bella new shoes. You can insert the plastic squeaks into the sides, which is funny (and loud) for about 10 seconds. She's holding hands with my mum and step-dad here, being swung back and forth.

We met them in La Souterraine yesterday morning to join the English library. It's obligatory to stop for a coffee everywhere they go. If you ever need to know where to get good coffee in central France ask my mum and step-dad :)


  1. That first shot makes my heart sing - great capture Andrea x

  2. I must also buy those shoes, so cute x x

  3. i love those squeaky shoes and that great picture you took! all of them really. it's great having a mum and step dad who like to stop for coffee on every outing. isn't it?

  4. Oh I love Bella's new shoes:) and swinging like that is always so much fun I can only imagine her huge smile. xo

  5. how adorable!!! i love the shoes, love your photos, you are so cute, i love everything you have, find, buy.
    such a darling jumping photo!


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