Monday, October 31, 2011


I was totally unprepared for Halloween this year. I had no black paper for the bats (Sam loved drawing funny faces on them) and no pumpkins! Never mind, Sam and Bella were more than happy to mix and match their outfits from this year and last year thanks again to Auntie Saranne :)

We went to a party tonight, but it was all too chaotic to take photos. Sam slipped and fell and cut his lip, so he looked pretty scary anyway and at one point I lost him - later found in the bedroom on the 3rd or 4th floor (I lost count). Phew! I'm exhausted and quite glad to be home and look forward to making a better effort next year.


  1. oh man poor little man- hope his lip feels better!

  2. i love the rainbow bats and the jumbly costumes. poor sam, hope his lip's feeling better.
    happy halloween, and happy november!

  3. oh! i forgot, love LOVE the chalkboard photo, brilliant!

  4. I seriously love multi-coloured bats. It all looks a very good effort to me xx

  5. i'm sure they had fun! your pictures are wonderful. i love that dog with sam - is he yours too? fall looks lovely where you are.

  6. Oh, poor Sam!!
    Little boys are so good at these sorts of things!!
    I sure hope he is doing okay.
    Sam and Bella look adorable in their costumes.
    I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

  7. Oh no poor Sam and poor you, it sounds like it was a little stressful. Sam and Bella do look gorgeous in their costumes. xo

  8. awww...i love their costumes. I'm over the gore. can't wait to bring back cute next year.


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