Saturday, October 29, 2011


Back to Judo this week. It's moved to Saturdays now which meant this week I could sit through the whole lesson while Bella stayed home with Scott - Bella lasts about 5 minutes before we're asked to leave due the level of noise and destruction. Why are French children always so more well behaved?

Anyway, it was great to watch him. He is a pro at doing the escargot (roly poly) and in the last photo was about to start the game being the hunter trying to catch the mice.


  1. Looks like Sam is having lots of fun xo

  2. escargot! love it... how fun this must be to watch him. i'm sure bella is a delightful child. she just wants to be in on the action!

  3. good job sam, oh dear bella. perhaps she needs to suit up too?
    i'm sure she is well behaved, she's just (as my dear mil used to say) spirited. hee hee.

  4. Just look at Sam!!!
    He sure looks like he enjoys this.
    I am definitely going to agree with Lori Ann.
    Spirited, and may I add beautiful!!!!
    I hope you've had a good weekend Andrea, and sending you wishes for a wonderful start to your week.
    We had our first snowfall last night.
    Don't ever remember this much snow in NY in Oct. :-(


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