Friday, October 28, 2011

So far...

It wasn't a great week to fall down stairs being school holidays, so we haven't done a lot. Bella has been chasing chickens, feeding chickens and doing anything which involves chickens! She could hear a cow "moo-ing" in another field but thought it was in our garden. I had to hobble after her trying to find the cow as she wouldn't take my word for it that there wasn't actually a cow in the garden.

I think my back is on the mend, thank you :) It felt like I had pulled every muscle in my body. Now I walk down the stairs very slowly and making sure both feet are firmly on each step.

p.s. I have to note down my conversations with Sam or else I'll forget. Whilst taking the first photo Sam said "Someone has taken half the moon!" Me: "Well, sometimes only a part of the moon is visible. It's a long long way away." Sam: "When I'm a man I'm going to go to the moon. Is it further than nana planes house? (Lancashire,UK)" Me:" Yes, it would take days and days to get there." Sam: "errr, well......I think I'll just sit down and have a yoghurt with a bit of sugar please mummy."


  1. You just might have the sweetest kids in all of France. Good to hear the old back is getter better!

  2. Chasing chickens, cows, and Bella! You are an amazing Mom my friend! So glad to hear you are feeling better, but do continue to rest when you can.
    Have a wonderful weekend Andrea.

  3. oh what did you do? you poor thing. i'm sorry you fell or slipped, i hope your okay and not too sore.
    bella the chicken cow wrangler and sam as wise as winnie the pooh, charm every single day, don't they? :)

  4. What a gorgeous conversation between you and your son - definitely one worth remembering. Glad to hear your back is on the mend xo

  5. sammmm! so so cute. i've been writing down words ezra says lately. but, that conversation is so so precious. i think i'll just sit down and have some yoghurt with a bit of sugar please mummy. lol...


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