Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Threes Cardigan and reading

I started a knitting project last week after finally getting the wool I ordered and then the round needles. I really have no idea what I am doing but fortunately for me my mother-in-law is over at the moment giving me much needed help. I am also very lucky to have found two fantastic friends who knit the most gorgeous things. Thank you Lori and Anushka for your support and I must get a skype account asap so I can have your help in person!

I am reading a Nick Hornby book at the moment. After finishing two Anita Shreve books, I felt I needed a bit of comedy. It's about a marriage in turmoil. The husband can't seem to do anything right :)

Other lovely knits with Yarn Along at Small Things.


  1. oooh yay! good for you! it looks perfect already. don't worry - you'll get it all right! i have yet to read a nick hornby book. perhaps i could use a comedy too. i haven't been able to open 'room' since your warning. lol...

  2. Yeah for trying! The color is like butter (which is why you probably set up your photo as you did in the top photo - duh- I'm a little slow!).
    I found to be very helpful - lots of videos for stitches for both English and Continental knitters. Good that you have some friends and your mil to help you.

  3. Lovely bright sunshine colour - just right for cheering up dull days. I'm fairly sure I've got (and read) that book.....I think!

  4. oh my goodness, i wish you could have seen how happy i was to see you in the yarnalong line up!

    and look at you, a lovely start already.and you'll see, you can do this. your wool is gorgeous. i can see miss bella approves too.

    next time i go to ravelry i hope to see this up there!


    p.s. package on the way

  5. That sounds exciting Andrea, knitting is so much fun but it scares me a little so it's good to have people around to call for help. Enjoy your new book. xo

  6. Nick's 'High Fidelity' was one of those few books where I also enjoyed the film that followed. Let me know what you think of this one, Andrea? I also love the wool you've chosen.. haven't knitted since school but hope to pick it up again one day. Great to have some support around you x

  7. What a beautiful yellow, and I look so forward to seeing this as you work on it. I have tried several times to teach myself how to knit. Books, videos, you name it, and I've tried it, but about all I can come up with is a scarf, and a sad one at that. You are lucky to have your mother-in-law to help you out. I hope you are on the mend.


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