Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All elbows and stairs

Not a good day today and for the next few days I suspect. I fell down the stairs this morning whilst carrying Bella. My foot went from under me and we bumped all the way down the hard wooden steps. Bella is fine but I have one skinless elbow and a very very sore back being controlled by ibuprofen. Had I been on my own I could have grabbed the banister and stopped myself but thankfully and automatically I put my arms around Bella to keep her from falling too. She's been saying all day "mummy, stairs, fall!"

So, we've had an easy day making things for halloween. Sam is turning me into a nervous wreck jumping from furniture. I can't seem to make him stop. I couldn't help photographing him though :) Also, he's all of a sudden started drawing amazing pictures. Creatures, flowers, letters....I have a pile of imagination waiting to put on the wall.

p.s. lovely jumper worn by Sam was knitted by nana 'plane'.


  1. Wow your an action hero! Hope your back is okay. Get plenty of rest. Love that jumping picture, he must have been fast!

  2. Oh no Andrea, you ok? Falling down the stairs is scarey enough on your own let alone holding a little one. Look after yourself, big hugs... lou xxx

  3. I didn't realize what I was seeing in that motion picture. I'd be a nervous wreck too.

    Sure hope you're feeling better. That sounds like a nasty fall. Hugs.

  4. Oh I hope you’re ok. What a fright for you. I always have horrible visions of that happening here. Well done for reacting so well, but boo to your sore back. Get better soon. :) x

  5. oh andrea! i've fallen down stairs too - seriously am lucky to be alive! how scary to have had bella in your arms at the same time. i hope you heal up fast. love sam's dino drawing and his new knit jumper is amazing!

  6. oh dear, you were lucky then. My mother had the same accident when i was a baby and i ended up with stitches in my head....(explains a lot I think).

    I hope your back comes good. hugxx

  7. Well, I miss words to say you how I'm sorry for your fall and how I understand how scary it could have been with Bella in your arms! I know that I should have done the same as you, trying to protect her instead of trying to catch the banister.. Mother's instinct. Hope you're getting better!!

  8. Oh Andrea, I am so sorry!
    I sure hope you will be feeling better soon.
    It's so hard to be sick or hurt when you have little ones.


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