Monday, October 24, 2011

Saturday morning

For once this weekend we actually got out of the house before lunchtime. We paid a visit to the boulangerie for bread (for Bella), croissant pour moi and pain au chocolat for the boys. We took these over to the bar and had a coffee outside. I only had to run after Bella once. She loves to sit at the table and stir my coffee. Thank goodness for baby wipes to wipe up the spillage.


  1. Andrea, my children are 22 and 23 years old now, and there is still a box of baby wipes in just about every room. So good for so many things!! I LOVE Bella with that scarf. She looks so grown up!

  2. ohhh....these pictures bring back such wonderful memories of trips to France with my parents. Every morning we'd have either croissants or crusty bread w/butter and jam. And I'd get my own little silver pot of "chocolat." Soooooo yummy!

    And I'm sorry, but Bella is so stinkin' adorable in that scarf!!!!!!

  3. is that scarf from nana plane? it looks like the same yarn as sam's jumper. so cute! and that picture of sam biting into his pain au chocolat made my mouth water! oh how i miss the real thing.


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