Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Δ more stripy tights (I think I had a pair like this at college, only with a pair of Doc Martens)
Δ my comfy cords and even comfier converse
Δ our new house number. We found one of the villagers putting the plate on the gate. Apparently, we now have a   number and a road name - only how does everyone else know? It was news to the post lady too the other day. Je ne comprends pas!
Δ my little man is very grumpy after school. A dose of cbeebies, bapple (apple) juice and biscuits usually does the trick
Δ Bella is happiest outside harassing the chickens. No, they don't want a ride in the wheelbarrow!


  1. i love those french address markers, SO lovely. i am liking loving all these things too. poor sam and chickens. oh bella.

  2. Oh I love your "liking" list! Those are the prettiest tights - purple is my favourite colour xo

  3. Love it all! Gorgeous photos and Bella is hilarious! x

  4. Found you via Lori times 5. Such a beautiful blog. I'll be back to look some more. When my children were little, I dressed them in almost nothing but stripes. We became affectionately known (by others) as the 'stripe family'.

  5. I love the light you get at your house. It's so beautiful...

  6. love bella's tights with boots and green slipper shoes! so cute. and so is sam's little grouch face. your home looks so beautiful andrea. love the new number - 3 is my favorite. : ) (okay, just went to lori's yarn along post before this - how excited are you????)


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