Monday, December 12, 2011

6 Years and a Christmas Fair

6 years ago today Scott, me and 2 dogs boarded the ferry from Dover to Calais. Scott in a 1960's VW camper and me following in Uncle Ernie's proton. We rented a gite for 3 months - no television, a wood stove and snowed in several times. It was bliss and very peaceful! 6 years on, we're married with 2 children and part of a little community. It couldn't be more different from our busy lives in the UK.

We went to a Christmas fair yesterday. The streets lined with stalls (and locals dressed as vikings?). I managed to buy us some nice handmade gloves, but that was about it. The children were pulling us towards the rides. We stopped in the bar for a quick drink. Bella went and installed herself at a table saying she wanted chips!

Off to Sam's Christmas dinner now :)


  1. Wow - what an adventure!
    And how could you say no to that gorgeous face.

  2. love these pictures. how are you doing that again? instagram app? bella is so cute in her little hat. i love how life takes us on wonderful adventures. so lovely to see yours through your lens andrea.

  3. fun- great memories of how 'it all started'.

  4. Ah Uncle Ernie's proton, such a fabulously speedy and cool car, always sure to turn heads :)

  5. It looks a wonderful place, I am envious. What are the little Christmas scene thingy bobbies - they are very cute?

    Sam x

  6. I love it! You've got your Brit on and now I'm confused. proton? gite? ;)

    BSD used to own an old VW camper too! Such a fun ride.


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