Sunday, December 11, 2011


Rainy days here. We're hoping to get out to a Christmas market or two together today if weather permits. Sam brought his school book home for the weekend and has been catching up on activities he missed, voluntarily!

Bella on the other hand is super happy with her red shoes from the charity shop. They look a little worn but are actually great quality shoes. Shoes are sooooo expensive in France. And her feet just keep growing :)


  1. Such cute little shoes! Hope the rain passes soon x

  2. Those shoes are just adorable. I hope you were able to get to the market today. It was very rainy here too so we spent our afternoon indoors chatting with friends, perfect in the end. Have a wonderful week. x

  3. oh i love those little shoes. it's great when they're this young and don't care about them being slightly used. but, maybe if we start them out this way, they'll never be bothered - it'll be fashionable like it was for us as teens. plus, it goes with the whole green environmental movement. very hip. : ) i love french baby shoes, clothes, everything! and your farm house is so lovely. i think i want to move to the french countryside next.

  4. so so much cuteness here. i've just had the most enjoyable time catching up. love all your clever ways andrea, and we have always intentionally sought out the wonkiest tree. love those best.

  5. you got those from a charity shop!! amazing, love them.
    you have the most beautiful children.
    enjoy your week, hope it's filled with little giggles ♥

  6. Love those shoes - I would wear them if they were in my size!

  7. Those shoes are even more adorable with that lovely patina. :)

    Do you find Elefanten shoes over there? I used to buy those for my girls when they were younger, but I haven't seen them in quite some time now. And the last few pairs seemed to have been made in Mexico!


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