Thursday, February 16, 2012


Things have got back to normal lately. Back to work and school. The big freeze has melted but we're still not home because of burst pipe(s) - just one so far.

We are all keeping ourselves occupied between home and Scott's parents. Bella has been bathing in a box! and Sam is being the big boy, showering. And, Bella has been sleeping in a bed! I am however exhausted with being unable to sleep for worrying she may fall out. She hasn't though - she snuggles up towards the wall.


  1. I'm loving Bella's bath box! x

  2. Ohh things sound a little tough at the moment. You could do with a holiday me thinks. Look after yourself Andrea, early nights and rested days. x

  3. i love your posts! bella bathes in a box. that is wonderful. she'll love to read about that one day. i love granny and grandpa's place. not a bad place to have to while the winter away. what good flexible children you have. love seeing all the lovely things happening in your creative home. xox
    p.s. indy to arrive tuesday if not sooner!!!!

  4. Well you know, spring will come, soon.. :) It's already a pleasure to hear little birds at the morning, and I hope you'll be able to go back home soon.. :)

  5. I'm a terrible blogger lately :(

    But good news!! Baby Indy arrived yesterday! I heard from a yesterday while she was in labor and then when he arrived! So happy for her and her family, can't wait to talk to her!

    It's mixed news there still? Is a burst pipe something that can be fixed fairly easily? Love to see Sam and Bella being as adorable as ever. And did I see yarn on your table!?
    xxx Lori


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