Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tunic for Miss Bella Jessie

This was supposed to be all the same fabric but typical me didn't order enough and had use something else for the sleeves. Oh well, it can be a practice one.

I bought the pattern from this etsy shop and will definitely be making another one, maybe a little longer for warmer weather (I wish!).

p.s. an item of clothing with an elasticated neckline is perfect for trying to change a toddler whilst running.


  1. oHH good job!! Bella seems very happy with this tunic!

  2. It is sooo beautifu, Andrea! I love the different fabric on the sleeves. Makes me wish I had a daughter! Maybe I can make myself one. ;-) x

  3. oh but i love the two fabrics combined and it's such a great little pattern! i think she needs a whole wardrobe of them! and i'll take one in my size too...

  4. It is WONDERFUL!

    I love the colour. I like your style.

    Clever you.

  5. This is so gorgeous - at first I thought it was one of your vintage finds. How lovely that you made it! Clever you! x


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