Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bits from last week

Here are a few (quite a few!) photos from last week, before I file them away in my flickr filing cabinet.

:: Bella playing hide and seek with grandad and wearing bling from nana.
:: Using an old jumper of Bella's to sew onto a dress I bought from the charity shop.
:: Bella reading my book in her bedroom.
:: Sam took a photo of his doudou.
:: Lots of sewing.
:: My 3 euros rug/mat from the secondhand shop.
:: Bella keeping warm next to the fire on a rather chilly day.
:: Yellow cardi and blue chair - just because :)
:: Joanne Harris' cook book. We've been making most our meals from here this week.
:: Bella playing with chalk and water and she's wearing another re-cycled top - the sleeves are from Sam's old t-shirt.
:: Vintage fisher price sandals from here.
:: A view from the garden.
phew, time for a cuppa!


  1. Your home looks beautiful. Good thrifting! Love that jug in the cookbook - i have one and don't use it nearly enough, must get it out. The vintage sandals are gorgeous.

  2. It looks like you have had a lovely week Andrea!

  3. Gorgeous photos. What a lovely home you have : ) xx

  4. hmmm happy warm family bits, the best.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely week with me :) Love the sweater on the chair-just because!

  6. Such beautiful photos, again. That yellow cardigan looks so cute, did you knit it yourself? I love the colour, anyway. And I think I must buy Joanne Harris's cookbook!

  7. those sandals are so cute on her!! :)

    also...happy to find your blog!



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