Friday, June 15, 2012

Weeds war

It's a battle with the weeds at the moment. There is so much grass to cut and weeds to pull - an impossible task! Whilst Scott is busy working I'm trying to work in the garden with Bella chasing butterflies. I swear there's a white butterfly following her around. She squeals with excitement as she thinks she's caught up with it, only to cry with frustration when it flies off again. I tell her it's playing a game with her and she's happy again.

Anyway, so far everything is growing well. Even if it does look a little jungle-like.


  1. i'm having a weed war too! and the weeds are the victors at the moment! there is not enough time in the garden to take care of it.

    p.s. your garden looks gorgeous!!!

  2. I so know how you feel.....what with all this rain the weeds have practically taken over.

    I hope you win the battle - I bet Bella would love a butterfly Charlie and Lola : )

    Happy weekend,

    Nina x

  3. The garden looks a picture, hmmm watchbout for the big hungry bear those strawberries look delucious. I'ts winter over here and my garden looks weedy and messy, the usual green lustre on the hedges is fading. So i will be content to admire your garden until spring.

  4. i love those white butterflies! how i miss them... they are a symbol to me of my dear late grandparents. they were all around me in st. martin. love bella's curls.

  5. Totally lush! The weeds make it more rustic and romantic!

    lalie is mad about butterflies too ("butta-butta's") xx

  6. Your garden looks beautiful, gorgoues photos.

  7. Oh! You have red currants already (am I right?). We won't have ours for another month....just goes to show our very different climates.

  8. Weeds at your place still look beautiful. Everything so fresh and green :)


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