Monday, July 30, 2012

Family time

We had a visit from Scott's sister and husband last week. We haven't seem them for over 12 months but Sam hadn't forgotten them and Bella was soon their little shadow. Though, we have no idea why she was calling Uncle Rob, Max....

The top photo Rob is leading the gang stalking lizards with the water gun. This turned into a daily activity. Now, they have gone and Bella doesn't understand, but we have Scott's mum for another week :)


  1. looks like a wonderful time all around, i love to see happy bella and sam! they have grown this summer andrea!

  2. Always beautiful pictures ! Is it a new banner ? Thank you for your lovely visit on my blog ☁

  3. Love your new blog header. Those photos just say light, warmth and happy days, you've really captured summer there. x


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