Sunday, July 29, 2012


So far we're having a great summer holiday. My sister and brother in law have been here for a week and have gone home today....we miss you! It's been rather hot which has meant a move downstairs. Scott and I are in the downstairs bedroom and the children are on the sofa bed, which they think is very exciting.

We met friends at a lake too and Sam had his first swimming lesson and was awarded a certificate afterwards. He's super scared of water, so this was a major achievement. Bella is the opposite and will happily splash around.


  1. Glad you are having fun and are you sporting a new header? I LOVE IT!!! (really)

  2. Well done Sam for getting a certificate! My two are not very water confident, it's hard.

    That photo of Bella peering down at the snail made me laugh - Angus is currently snail obsessed and is always on snail look out in the garden. When he finds one he bends down till he's an inch away and stares at it. Poor snails.

  3. I love that first photo!! Brilliant. xxxxx

  4. Well done Sam! I'm scared of water too and learnt to swim at the grand old age of 28! I'll happily go into pools but I'm still cautious of the ocean (if there are lots of waves) and fast flowing rivers. x

  5. Perfect Summer pictures - it looks so relaxed and chilled out...I love the snail being watched very carefully.

    Nina xxx

  6. Seems you are having an awesome time :)



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