Thursday, July 19, 2012

You can find us at the lake

Living in the region of a 1000 lakes (and on the border of another region with a 1000 lakes) we are spoilt for choice. Most are safe to swim in and I'm trying to over come my fear of being in there. I'm scared of not knowing what is under my feet! Sam is loving playing with his friends and Bella for the first time has been playing (quite nicely) too. We were down at the local lake yesterday afternoon with our friends and stayed to eat at the "Snack du Lac". It was a fun day :)

Also, I am over on Kat's lovely blog, Capturing Childhood today: (sorry can't get a link to work on my ipad so here's the address).

She offers great online photography courses and has a very nice blog too.


  1. Gosh Andrea, this is so unlike the UK isn't it? What a fantastic place for your kids to grow up. And as always such beautiful pictures. x

  2. what a great scene! i, like you, would have to overcome my fear of what's underneath. i much prefer swimming in clear blue ocean waters. pools are fine too! : )

  3. Oh Andrea, such lovely, sun-bleached pictures of childhood happiness! I feel uplifted just looking at them. Snack du Lac - love it. Perfection! x

  4. What an amazing place to live. I want to go to the lake too! x

  5. Such an ernest little swimming face Sam has :)


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