Friday, July 20, 2012

At home

At home...

Whilst I am typing, Bella has put a sun hat on my head saying "beach now mummy". Sorry Bella it is raining and I am needed to help Sam with his Spiderman magazine.

Also, I must record what Bella said to Scott yesterday. I have no idea how she learnt this word. Maybe watching the news channel too often. "Daddy, a sheep been murdered. Over there. Come look! It was an apple. An apple did it!"  She spent most of the afternoon calling for a baby sheep. I don't know what goes round in their little heads. She didn't seem too traumatized anyhow. 


  1. oh precious bella! i did alarm me too the first time ezra said kill. but, i read somewhere how normal it is for a five year old to start talking this way. they are not thinking of it all as literally as we are yet. at least i hope so because ezra told me he was going to kill me the other day.

  2. Sometimes kids surprise us with things like that! I love your blog, and finally I have one (of my own) with which I can follow yours! Happy weekend! xx

  3. That's hilarious about the murdered sheep. You can't trust apples! I don't know how far behind I am but I love the blog header. Kellie xx

  4. Yes, you do wonder how the precious little ones grab hold of a word and use it! As careful as you are they are bound to pick things up. We are waiting for our Rowan to come out with somthing like that, and what we will think. At least it' very normal. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. sweetness and light are in everyone of your beautiful photos.
    hi bella and sam!

  6. Yup, you have to watch out for those murderous apples :-) So sweet! I love hearing what little ones say! x


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