Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Just playing catchup with my photos. I haven't actually taken many photos lately. There's only so many photos of a lake you can take. 


  1. oh the heart, that woule look lovely as a print on the wall. I've not really looked online for 2 days as i've been working and it feels strange, god only knows how you felt!

  2. just caught up on your lovely photos. at least you all can still get outside there in your heat wave. it's dreadful here - but, i can't complain too much as we were away for three weeks. thank god!

  3. They are all so refreshing and beautiful though.

    I know how you feel about 'only so many pictures you can take' - it's the beach for me.

    Have a fabulous day,

    Nina xxx

  4. Love that first pic! Glad you are having good weather. I am very impatiently awaiting Spring! x


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