Sunday, August 19, 2012


Picking fruit and tomatoes. Dealing with cheeky children who sometimes play and sometimes fight. I send Bella into the greenhouse to get the tomatoes. My hands break out in a horrid rash if I touch them. Our two doves are now just one. I hope he or she returns soon, if just to stop the other coo-ing non-stop.

Two weeks without internet now. Fingers crossed tomorrow. These photos were taken with my nikon which were loaded onto my laptop. I took a photo of a photo with my ipad then hung around the neighbours whilst my blogger app updated my blog. Can't wait to get back reading your blogs again. In the meantime I'll continue reading, crocheting and making sticky green slime. x


  1. I bet the neighbors love watching the lady who is desperate for internet :D I have my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Missing you and lovely to get a wee catch up- beautiful images as always, Jxx

  3. Well your photos are still beautiful. Love the one of fruit on the tree. Hope your internet gets sorted - i feel for you. I would be going made right about now! x

  4. Totally gorgeous - all of them.

    I have my fingers crossed (and everything else) for you....and the internet connection.

    Nina x

  5. Gorgeous photos ... hope you are up and running on internet soon ... Bee x


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