Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last days of summer


Last days of the summer. Temperatures are still in the 20s here but there is an autumn chill in the air.


  1. mmm.. send that chill over this way please! i think life in the country must be near perfect. p.s. it's not at all humid here - quite the opposite. we could really use a chill in the air! tomorrow it is going to be over 100 degrees fahrenheit again.

  2. Your kids are so cute!
    love ur photos.
    Have a great weekend!


  3. Such pretty photos :)

  4. Lovely... We've just at the start of our summer and enjoying the warmer days. One of these days I'll be complaining that it is too hot so I am loving the spring sunshine. x PS Love Bella's outfit!

  5. I can't believe I've missed so many of your posts - I think I must be living in land lala at the moment....fuzzy brain and all that.

    We're squeezing in as many last Summer day adventures as we possibly can at the weekends, bu oh boy there is certainly a little nip in the air recently.

    Have a beautiful week

    Nina x


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