Monday, December 3, 2012


We're settling into Scott's parents house down the road. It took a few days for the children, especially Bella to sleep through the night, but other than that, they're very happy....and warm!

Sam has started tennis lessons at school which he loves. He reminded me of a mini footballer warming up around the court. He loves to be inside usually, so spending an hour outdoors getting some excercise did him the world of good.

Bella's artwork just gets better. I love the dragon she painted. Definately one for framing.

And thank you to my lovely friend Catherine for sending me yellow tights! And my mum for the boots :)


  1. good things happening there. i love your new boots and that sweater dress of yours. cool dragon painting - love the red eye! sam and ezra sound so very much alike. thinking of you!

  2. Lovely photos Andrea ... loving the new tights and boots ... fab colours ... you have quite the artist in the making there ... the dragon is great ... have a lovely week ... Bee xx

  3. Lovely soft muted colours in all your photos today. The tights rock. I want some! And your pink cushion on the white bedding looks gorgeous. x

  4. love the tights! Glad to know you are all feeling at home in your new home (during winter). The dragon is pretty nifty!


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