Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Vintage Life

Hello! Just to say I am over on Jen's lovely blog; Little Birdie today with a guest post on 'my vintage life'. Thank you for asking me Jen :)

Also, I just received a comment from Marisa who kindly suggested my painting is a Joan Miro. Thanks for this! Unfortunately, it's no original:(


  1. Oh well, never mind! That would have been very exciting, I've always been a huge Miro fan. It is lovely nonetheless.

  2. Saw you over a Jen's and thought Miro too. An original would be totally awesome. I love your home, partly because you obviously have a great eye but mostly because it always looks like a home xxx

  3. I saw your fab post over at Jen's. Really great- I have always loved your home and the beautiful things in it, Jo xx

  4. Love your home, so inspiring.
    Love the little fire place, gorgeous.
    I shall read on. X


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