Sunday, February 17, 2013


A portrait of my children once a week every week during 2013...

Sam: In the midst of his 'crazy' hour, which is once a day every day
Bella: "I'm princess Isabella" that is all.

Joining in with Jodi for the 52 project.


  1. Well that's good that 'crazy hour' only comes around once a day! Very cool portraits.

  2. Love both of these, I want an adult crazy hour! And a crown!

    Kate ;)
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  3. We have a crazy hour once a day too, it must be a boy thing xx

  4. Ahhh the witching hour. It's always the time you just have to sit back, have a cup of tea and let it happen!

  5. Lovely shots, so full of character! x

  6. Great photos Andrea ... we have quite a few crazy hours a day here with two bonkers boys and their crazy little sister ... it's great fun though ... Bee xx

  7. Awwww - I love that last one. Like the 'Little Princess'

    Happy half term...what to do indeed *scrunched up face and ponders*

    Nina x

  8. Unrelated to this post (sorry!) but I just saw your Vintege Life on the Little Birdie blog and wondered if anyyone had said that your little painting looks like a Joan Miro? The last painting of his to be sold went for 23.5 million so was just wondering...
    This was my first visit to your blog though and it is wonderful!


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